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Pottermore is a digital way in to the harry potter. Bringing the fantasy of harry potter into a simple map. Jk rowling has unveiled a new harry potter platform to help keep children. The hat is said to be enchanted by the four school founders so that the students would be sorted into their houses at the beginning of each school year. Rowling, as digital audio books straight to your devices and listen today. Rowling and is a global digital publisher of harry potter and the wizarding world. Home audio books all harry potter hogwarts library books nonfiction all audio books ebooks all harry potter a journey through. Harry potter harry potter books and resources bloomsbury. Read hot and popular stories about pottermore on wattpad. New pottermore house wallpaper in 2020 harry potter. Each years group of students in the same house shares the.

It offers news, features, and articles as well as new and previously unreleased writing by j. Pottermore presents is intended to supplement the harry potter book series with shortform content that is entertaining and thematically curated by. Bloomsbury reveal new illustrated covers of order of the phoenix. S ome harry potter fans have a lot of feelings about the newly redesigned pottermoreand lets just say theyre not the kinds of feelings that would produce a. The new covers were drawn by levi pinfold and were disclosed through pottermore. Members of this house are characterised by their wit, intelligence, creativity and wisdom.

Antique, rustic, and fantastical, this map is an imagined representation of the harry potter series. Welcome to rharrypotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the harry potter universe. The famous hogwarts sorting hat gives an account of its own genesis in a series of songs sung at the beginning of each school year. Download your favourite harry potter stories, written by j. Harry potter website pottermore to close and make way for. Legend has it that the hat once belonged to one of the four founders, godric gryffindor, and that it was jointly enchanted by all four founders to ensure that students would be sorted into their eponymous houses, which would be selected according to each founder. Take a look inside the new illustrated edition of harry potter and the sorcerers stone designed by minalima explore the wonders of the harry potter. We take the harry potter sorting hat quiz and find out who we really are. America and discuses the backstory of the american school of witchcraft and wizardry. The series offers harry potter fans added insights into the stories, settings and characters and were all lovingly curated by pottermore. Harry potter pottermore sorting hat quiz is getting a. Pottermore publishing, leading spokenword producer and provider. Rowlings pottermore publishing has announced that four new books are on the way, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the magical world of. Pottermore players are sorted in the chapter the sorting hat book 1, chapter 7.

Ravenclaw is one of the four houses of hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, founded by rowena ravenclaw. The 20th anniversary of harry potter and the philosophers stone is this summer that means the book is being treated with brand new covers. Hogwarts houses are front and center of new harry potter. Pottermore finally brings back test to sort you into. Pottermore, an interactive website designed to house supplemental harry potter content, was first launched in 2011.

Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry harry. Its called harry potter hogwarts mystery and follows your character in your quest to survive hogwarts and find your lost. Every so often it would sing of mortal peril at the. How harry potter characters should have looked by the book. Hogwarts houses harry potter anime harry potter room harry potter birthday harry potter hogwarts slytherin pride slytherin house slytherin aesthetic harry potter painting. Your house should authentically reflect the kind of person you are, and it will be a good fit for you regardless of which house it is. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is divided into four houses, each bearing the last name of its founder. The site features rowlings thoughts, several pages of unpublished text, and a sales resource for e book and. The new ebooks will be released on pottermore rowlings online world. In our new interview series, were asking friends of the wizarding world about their favourite moments and memories. Rowling told the bbc that the new material was being released online, rather than in a new book.

Rowlings pottermore publishing has announced that four new books are on the way, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the magical world of your favorite boy wizard. Before beginning the sorting ceremony, it sings a short song about the founding of the school and the four houses. New versions of the second harry potter book, chamber of secrets, have been given special hogwarts housethemed covers by bloomsbury. Welcome to the harry potter at home hub where youll find all the latest magical treats to keep you occupied including special contributions from bloomsbury. Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry is the american wizarding school, located on mount greylock in modernday massachusetts. Pottermore will go live on 31 july harry potters birthday. The new sorting hat is on the pottermore website, and you can also get a wand, so go do it. Deliberately picking answers to get the house you wan. Harry potter quiz on pottermore 1 harry potter facts on twitter. Download the harry potter stories, fantastic beasts screenplay and your favourites written by j. We revised our book jacket designs in 2016 in order to truly illuminate the colors and symbols of each of the four houses gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff, and slytherin. Our new harry potter at home project is very much a team effort. From edinburgh cafe to new harry potter venture jk rowling will launch pottermore today, her latest creation for harry potter. This test contains all the questions the sorting hat asks on pottermore to sort you into your house.

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry was divided into four houses. Welcome to the harry potter at home hub wizarding world. I never perused the 18,000 words of new harry potter content available at pottermore a web site whose greatest draw, incidentally, was a quiz that told people which house they were in. Launched in 2011, its been the hub for all harry potter news, bonus stories, interactive experiences, and. We plan to continue all our operations, while reducing risk of infection by having staff work from home. Images from a new behindthescenes book, charting the on screen creation of harry potter. In addition to being the only seller of the e book versions of the series, and digital audiobooks, pottermore offers an interactive world where harry potter fans can be. Ceremony that places each new pupil into their own new home. User account menu hogwarts and ilvermonry houses day. Harry potter custom designed house themed book sets.

Bloomsbury, harry potters original uk publisher, is rereleasing a 20th anniversary edition of j. We are proud to announce our new harry potter at home hub, a free. According to pottermore publishing, the series is comprised of nonfiction e book shorts called harry potter. The sorting hat announces the house the student is to join.

We cant all go to hogwarts and don the sorting hat, but heres the next best. Discover your hogwarts house on pottermore wizarding world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of harry potter and the philosophers stone, the british publisher, bloomsbury, will release the book with new covers. The book is receiving four makeovers one for each of the four hogwarts houses. All books are brand new from the publisher, scholastic, with jackets designed and printed by juniper books. This special edition will have four different covers, each one representing one of the hogwarts houses. Fans of bloomsburys hogwarts housethemed harry potter books are in for a treat today, as the new covers for the fifth adventure were. A history of magic exhibition at home harry potter and the philosophers stone wins winner of winners blue peter book award for 2020. A journey through, adapted from the audiobook harry potter.

As recently announced in a joint press release from pottermore and warner bros. Rowling on the brazilian, japanese and ugandan wizarding schools, and teased that the name of the north american wizarding. The complete harry potter collection digital audio book from the pottermore shop. Bloomsbury will be working from home from tuesday 17th march. Harry potter pottermore sorting hat quiz is getting a new look. Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed dumbledore the best, and. Right now, the only book thats available in the pottermore universe is harry potter and the philosphers. Today, we quizzed james phelps and oliver phelps, who portrayed the weasley twins in all eight harry potter films.

Four brand new stories associated with the wizarding world of harry potter are set to be released over 20 years after the first novel was published. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Finally, a new harry potter story worth reading the new. Pottermore presents is a series of bitesized ebooks that dig deep into the harry potter stories, with titbits taken from pottermore s archives and original writing from j. Theres the play and script book of harry potter and the cursed child. The publishers traveling trunk is made of durable cardboard.

If youre a harry potter fan, you likely already know about the website pottermore. But this week, the new harry potter game got uploaded and so far i am really enjoying it. Theres a shakeup happening in the harry potter fandom. This is the official pottermore sorting hat test that you often see in pottermore. Houses at hogwarts were both the living and learning communities for its students. Its house colours are blue and bronze, and its symbol is the eagle. Harry potter website pottermore to close and make way for new site. New hogwarts house editions of chamber of secrets to be. I just got the new illustration book of harry potter and goblet of fire. The best part of all of pottermore is when you have to figure out which potion moves you forward and which moves you back, just like in the book. Starting with the first novel in the series, harry potter and the philosophers stone, pottermore will allow its users to navigate their way through the story, with. Immediately, fans couldnt wait to take the official sorting hat quiz, which.

Students of this school, as at hogwarts in scotland, are sorted into four houses. Godric gryffindor, helga hufflepuff, rowena ravenclaw and salazar slytherin. My dark vanessa, the book is a new york times bestseller and the a. The sorting hat places students into houses based on their personal traits. Play this quiz and find out which house best matches you. The hat is pretty accurate when choosing between the four houses of slytherin, ravenclaw. Pottermore has a brand new treat for you this september. Materials from the harry potter series of films and from the film fantastic beasts and where to find them are courtesy of warner bros. Jk rowling harry potter pottermore new houses sorting.

Harry potter to live on in pottermore website cbs news. Quidditch through the ages audio book from the pottermore shop. When newt scamander travelled to new york in the 1920s, he met several people including porpentina and queenie. Over 500 million harry potter books have been sold across the globe, so its comforting.

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