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Tim burton just confirmed beetlejuice 2 is happening. Tim burton has confirmed a sequel to his hit 1988 movie beetlejuice is a gowith lead stars winona ryder and michael keaton set to reprise their roles rumors of a followup to the whimsical. The plot revolves around a recently deceased young couple alec baldwin and geena davis who become ghosts haunting their former home, and an obnoxious, devious ghost named betelgeuse pronounced beetlejuice, portrayed by michael keaton from the. Youll see lots of rolling, bumpy green hills from the skychopper, incidentally a notion of where beetlejuice 2 might be filmed. Beetlejuice is a 1988 american comedyfantasy film directed by tim burton, produced by the geffen film company and distributed by warner bros. Though i could probably recite the entire movie verbatim by now, i still love watching it at least once a week throughout the month of october, if not more. Whats more, the script is complete and production should begin shortly. Broadway shows in new york city will extend the current suspension of all performances through june 7, 2020. Such 2015 tentpoles as jurassic world and star wars. Geena davis calls beetlejuice one of her favorite movies, but says no one has contacted her about the sequel. Beetlejuicehauptdarsteller michael keaton ist nur 17,5 minuten in seinem film bei. Tim burton set the record straight about beetlejuice 2 duration.

Betelgeuse is usually the tenthbrightest star in the night sky and, after rigel, the secondbrightest in the constellation of orion. This is a followup to the comedy beetlejuice 1988, about a ghost whos recruited to help haunt a. Beetlejuice celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, just as work on its possible sequel amps up. Thus far, theres been an animated beetlejuice tv series 19891991, video games and now a stage production, but no sequel. The bottom line is, tim burton and michael keaton are not going to think about a beetlejuice sequel unless it somehow catches the energy of the first film.

Burton has confirmed that the project which would see michael keaton reprise his beloved role as the eponymous freelance bioexcorist is closer to becoming a reality than ever before in the. There are so many things that have made this movie an enduring favorite of mine, and the wacky characters are a huge part of that. I have one of the action figures that came out for the cartoon. The tour played its final performance on august 21, 2011. Recently, burton took part in an interview with usa today to promote his newest movie dumbo, which reunites the filmmaker with beetlejuice star michael keaton. A followup to the 1988 comedy, beetlejuice, about a ghost whos recruited to help. Larry wilson one of the original beetlejuice screenwriters, had this to say about the whole situation.

Beetlejuice 2 could begin filming by the end of 2015 january 26, 2015 screenwriter seth grahamesmith has revealed that the longgestating beetlejuice sequel is cranking it up to high gear. A sequel to 1988 cult favorite beetlejuice 2 has been in discussion for nearly a decade now. Beetlejuice movie scenes ankle socks 5 pk for men and women. Beetlejuice was a cute, wierd movie, and i love, love, michael keaton, but does beetlejuice really need a beetlejuice 2. Beetlejuice 2 is a go, with tim burton, michael keaton, and. Beetlejuice 2 finally moves forward with new writer ryan scott oct 12, 2017. Beetlejuice is a funny twist on classic horror film tropes that manages to not just make you laugh, but also really make you feel for the ghosts trapped in haunted houses around the world. If youre a fan of any tim burton movie like the nightmare before christmas, beetlejuice and so, and youre planning on taking a trip to new york city sometime soon, youre in for a treat. I have always loved the movie beetlejuice and this house. See more ideas about beetlejuice, tim burton and michael keaton. Winona ryder confirms her return as lydia aug 11, 2015. Every person entered into the contest, including members of a group, must provide proof of their ticket to that evenings performance. Aug 11, 2015 winona ryder is the second person to confirm the longawaited beetlejuice 2 sequel, the actor spoke with seth meyers last night about the. Those holding tickets for performances of beetlejuice through june 6, 2020 will receive an email from their point of purchase with information regarding refunds.

See more ideas about beetlejuice, beetlejuice movie and tim burton. And before i ever recognized his name, it was the burtondirected 1988 film, beetlejuice, that started me on my lasting path to fandom. But a story that takes place in one location doesnt present very many options for. Beetlejuice was met with a mostly positive response.

Later, a highly successful animated series was greenlit that the man himself produced. Get beetlejuice 2 dvd and bluray release date and movie stats. Winona ryder confirms beetlejuice 2 in late night interview. For a long time there were only rumors about work on the film, but in december 2014 the director confirmed that the project was launched.

That is, until a recent update, reportedly from burton himself, got beetlejuice fans pretty hype for the sequel. Winona ryder is the second person to confirm the longawaited beetlejuice 2 sequel, the actor spoke with seth meyers last night about the. The house is also featured prominently on the poster. Oct 15, 2014 this movie is so quotable and rewatchable. Then, in 2012, the officials claimed the longawaited sequel to the original movie was in the works. A new nonequity tour started in october 2012 played its. Over the years weve heard many times over that director tim burton plans to craft a sequel to his 1988 fantasy horror comedy beetlejuice starring geena davis, alec baldwin, winona ryder, and michael keaton as the ghost with the most. When life in her quiet little connecticut town becomes too dreary and dull, beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice.

Deadline reports that mike vukadinovich has just been hired to rewrite the script for beetlejuice 2. Mar 11, 2016 tim burton spoke to showbiz spy about beetlejuice 2 and according to him the only reason the sequel isnt in preproduction yet is, well, there isnt a reason. Evidently keaton is more than ready to return as the titular pest in burtons beetlejuice 2. Beetlejuice returns as the ghost with the most and best fiend to lydia deetz, his lovely living lady companion. Back in 2011, director tim burton announced he was working on a belated followup to the horrorcomedy, with michael keaton due to return as the titular bioexorcist. The little mermaid 2018 live action movie 20,245,691 views 2. Director tim burton has addressed the current status of the rumored beetlejuice 2 sequel, saying he doubts the movie will ever see the light of day. Is there any updates on the beetlejuice 2 movie that was being developed. Episode vii the force awakens are meant to transition their respective franchises into the future, setting up for additional sequels andor spinoffs. Why, in the name of the very social fabricuhf channels of praise the lord, the home shopping network, and endless rerun commercials for chia pets and clapon, clapoff the clapper for hardofhearing senior citizens, if not personal injury attorneys. Tim burtons cult classic horrorcomedy movie beetlejuice is becoming a broadway stage musical, some 30 years after its initial release. Hobgoblins of telecommunication have knockedout my internet here in st. The last american version of the show closed in august of 2015 in favor of an attraction based on the fast and the furious franchise, although it still currently runs in japan. Dec 23, 2014 beetlejuice 2 is definitely in a different boat than most every other upcoming revival of a longdormant property thats currently in the works.

Louis as seen on the national news where flooding is a story. Fans of the 1988 supernatural comedy beetlejuice will recall that the. It is certainly not easy being dead and this feel exemplifies that. A new fanmade trailer for beetlejuice 2 teases just how amazing and awesome the sequel has the potential to be. Beetlejuice 2 is that tim burton tim burton confirms beetlejuice 2 squad 2 2021 before the beetlejuice al beetlejuice 2 cancelled find out thebeetlejuice 2 director tim burton reveals he still wants to make beetlejuice but the story has to be just right for him to move forward. Larry wilson one of the original beetlejuice screenwriters, had this to say. This is a followup to the comedy beetlejuice 1988, about a ghost whos recruited to help haunt a house.

A chorus line revival played its final broadway performance on august 17, 2008. The tim burton movie beetlejuice takes place mostly in one location a house in connecticut where adam and barbara maitland lived, and which the deetz family moved into after the maitlands died in a horrible car accident. A sequel to tim burtons horrorcomedy classic beetlejuice has been the talk of hollywood for over a year now. I want to work on the film, if you need an artist, call me. If you have not received an email by april 12, 2020, please reach out to your point of purchase directly.

Beetlejuice is quite possibly the worst if not one of the worsest movies tim burton has ever made. My name is beetlejuice, and youre witnessing my insane nietherworld adventures. The sequel to beetlejuice is a little closer to actually happening. The report alleged that the script has been submitted to warner bros. Lottergeist beetlejuice ist eine us amerikanische horrorkomodie aus dem jahr 1988. Beetlejuice was also part of the defunct extreme ghostbusters. Tim burton spoke to showbiz spy about beetlejuice 2 and according to him the only reason the sequel isnt in preproduction yet is, well, there isnt a reason. August 17th, to be exact some sources claim it will arrive in september. None of the characters are likeable except for winona ryder and michael keaton as beetlejuice was just ugly and pathetic, non funny, annoying and boring. An unexpected journey has just received a classification from alberta film ratings. Tim burton did not confirm beetlejuice 2 as the movie is not in development. Tim burtons latest directorial effort, big eyes, opens in u. Beetlejuice 2 is a go, with tim burton, michael keaton.

Mar 11, 2016 in a new interview with showbizspy, burton confirmed that both ryder and keaton have signed on for beetlejuice 2. Beetlejuice 2 movie trailer 2018 it is a sequel to the popular fantastic comedy beetlejuice by tim burton released in 1988. Sometimes i see things in the movie i didnt notice before. Beetlejuice 2 moves forward with new writer timothy lammers oct 12, 2017. Over the years, we got the occasional update and hopeful comment, but in april of 2019, it was stated that the project had been shelved. Beetlejuice movie scenes ankle socks 5 pk for men and women 4. Michael keaton had a recent interview where he spoke a bit about. Beetlejuice 2, beetlejuice movie, beetlejuice sequel, better business bureau. May 06, 2017 the little mermaid 2018 live action movie 20,245,691 views 2.

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