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Modeling and analysis of a high performance engine cranktrain. For some engines it is necessary to provide counterweights for the. Although stress analyses of crankshafts are available in literature, there are few studies on the effect of counterweight configuration on main bearing loads and crankshaft stresses. The aim of this paper is to give the designer a numerical procedure that allows. This took the form of a two counterweight crankshaft without 4. Premium 4340 nt nontwist forgings, crowers standard crankshaft features straightshot oiling, jumbo 1. Apr 26, 2012 lycoming or continental counterweight detuning closeup of lycoming counterweight showing plates the part with 3 holes in it that hold the pins in place. In order to have a reliable conclusion on the safety of the crankshaft design, durability analysis of the crankshaft has to be applied under real engine operation cycles and with actual material behaviors. Some balanced arm lamps work with a counterweight to keep the arm and lamp in the desired position.

Expired fee related application number us07781,309 inventor dale e. This crankshaft features include 18 radii, premium heat treat processes, counter weight correct design and straight shot oiling. Calculation of shrinkfits of semibuilt crankshafts. The lightweight comes standard with lightening holes in all rod journals. At any point in the assemblys rotation, the sum of all of the forces are. A crankshaf consists of a crankpin journal, main journal, crankpin, crankweb and counterweight. Crankshaft design, materials, loads and manufacturing, by epi. The model is used in an optimization scheme to design crankshaft counterweights which minimize main bearing forces. Through years of testing and development we developed exclusive techniques, material, and welding rod to install counterweights without any distortion, bending or inherent stress to the crankshaft. The first cylinder is at the top dead center tdc, the second is at the bottom dead center bdc. A prestressed welded counterweight crankshaft will smooth out your engines total power range. It is a deepnitriding alloy containing 300 points of chrome, developed in the midnineties specifically for aerospace bearing applications. The calculation is also based on the assumption that the areas exposed to highest stresses are. Determination of optimal counterweight configurations for.

This is because each rod journal supports two sets of pistons and rods. Dnvglcg0037 calculation of crankshafts for reciprocating. Crankshaft strength is also increased with the addition of the counterweight. All the components are pictorially represented in the diagram below. In addition to adaptive remeshing, also the submodeling technique has been utilized in order to obtain mesh refinement. Optimization of counterweight size allows lower crankshaft inertia and mass faster engine response norton, robert l. An investigation of the effect of counterweight configuration. Crankshaft design optimization to improve dynamic balancing. This paper concludes that by using the crankshaft counterweight design strategy proposed in 2008010088, it is possible to achieve acceptable bearing durability of a 4 counterweight crankshaft for an i4 gasoline engine while also gaining a significantly lower mass than the 8 counterweight version of the crankshaft for the same engine. If the counterweights contained tungsten added cost, overall crankshaft weight would drop substantially. In this paper, threedimensional parametric mapping software use dassault systemes sa, a subsidiary of solidworks under strong secondary development technology, combined with engine design now used widely in the. It has been known for some time that there are significant power gains available in twoplane crank v8s from the use of counterweights around the center main bearing figure 9. For many years, internal combustion engine research was aimed at improving thermal efficiency and reducing noise and vibration. Crankshaft counterweights general motors corporation.

The most important factor in crankshaft design is the peak firing pressure pfp of the engine. Engine design and mechanical development topic each session is approximately 1 hour 10 minutes fiveday course fourday course threeday course twoday course introduction to ic engine development x x x x vibration and engine forces forces, moments, and superposition rotational forces and dynamic couples crankshaft counterweight. Dec 17, 2014 hi guys, im trying to dimension a counterweight for a rotating shaft to which a disk, with a force applied at its end, is attached. The welded counterweights help prevent whipping and upper rpm vibration due to normal 4 cylinder operation. Engine crankshaft counterweight design optimization. The main differences between a modern day engine and one built 100 years ago are the thermal efficiency and the emission level. Unfortunately i dont know the exact english term maybe its called an eccentric.

Engine crankshaft design, materials, loads and manufacturing. This study demonstrates crankshaft counterweight profile optimization to achieve better dynamic balancing. You have the weight of the crankshaft and the pistons and rods. Fully counterweighted v8 crank courtesy of bryant racing. Request pdf crankshaft design optimization to improve dynamic balancing and fatigue strength this study demonstrates crankshaft counterweight profile optimization to achieve better dynamic. The first step in understanding crankshaft balancing is to understand the purpose of the counterweights. Counterweights are attached to the arm and serve as counter balance mass to counteract the unbalance. The conrod and the piston of the first cylinder pulls the crankshaft up, the second down, while it is fixed at the main bearings.

The welded counterweight is a good investment for high performance or long haul street engines. Crankshaft design, materials, loads and manufacturing, by epi inc. A modelbased design approach to redesign a crankshaft for. Crankshafts for singlecylinder engines are usually a simpler design than for engines with multiple cylinders. The results reveal that similar characteristic as those seen in the stickslip interface of the hertzian. Drawings and particulars to be submitted for the calculation of crankshafts, the documents and particulars listed in the following are to be submitted. Sep 04, 2016 a crankshaft must be able to accommodate the force generated by the engine without being permanently deformed. Design a fourcylinder internal combustion engine project. Calculate the counterweights weight that the mobile crane could use at this distance.

Torque factor at 90 degrees crank position determine counterweight position, x, to achieve a desired cbe. This type of crank, even though it has 8 counterweights, is often no better and in some cases even worse than a properly designed 8 counterweight crank. Its pretty much the same as the counterweights on a crankshaft or atleast. In any case the experimental procedure for fatigue. Counterweights are used because they nullify the reaction caused by the rotation. Lightweight chrysler 426 hemi custom stroke crankshaft. Since the crankshaft experiences a large number of load. Nevertheless, the proper design of the counterweight on a single cylinder engine will significantly reduce the engine vibrations due to the unbalanced reciprocating mass. Keywordscrankshaft design, optimization, dynamic loading i. Currently i am using a name brand en40b design as in the uk race series with a friction damper and a counterweight design and have submitted some rather odd designs as better. The best features of crankshaft design are incorporated into each magnum billet crankshaft. New lightened version of our popular standard design. By adding the drilled holes on the counter weight of.

The design of crankshafts is based on an evaluation of safety against fatigue in the highly stressed areas. Understanding crankshaft counterweights toms maker site. The design of crankshafts are based on an evaluation of safety. Conducting hydraulic piston engine design constraints on the design of the crankshaft counterweight mostly by trial calculation algorithm to calculate than the larger. The mass of the crankshaft counterweights should equal 100 percent of the rotating mass and 50 percent of the reciprocating mass. Rules for classification and construction vi additional. After bolting the bobweights to the crankshaft, the balancer spins the assembly to roughly 750 rpm. What is the function of the crankshaft counterweights. This design criteria has been followed for each family of shafts found in the magnum billet line of products.

Pin diameter determines the pendulum length and thus the frequency. Design criteria for high power engines crankshafts bentham open. Specify rod length for proper counterweight clearance. Drawing from years of crankshaft experience, the callies design team created a lightweight, eight counterweight crankshaft. The animation gives a detailed insight into the structure. Vi42 calculation of crankshafts for internal combustion engines. The 2nd design model b crankshaft with integral 40% counterweights weighs 47 lbs. Crankshaft counterweight design and application the. A crankshaft from a 176 in3 offenhauser engine that produced 460 hp in 1950 weighed 67 lbs. Us8967112b2 four counterweight crankshaft for 90 degree v6. A counterweight is also used in many rotating systems to reduce vibrations due to imbalances in the rotating assembly.

Fretting simulation for crankshaftcounterweight contact. To determine the counterweight mass, essentially one has to determine the forces due to acceleration by the motion of the slider piston and the connecting rod and the force. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. A crankshaft for a vtype engine including crankshaft counterweights which are angularly. Understanding crankshaft counterweights ive been thinking recently about the crankshaft construction on the hodgson radial. The new design crankshaft with 100% counterweights made from the same material ductile iron weighs 90 lbs. Sep 22, 2017 the crankshaft listed as 49 in figure 23 had 6 counterweights according to reference 14. Pdf design and analysis of crankshaft for 4stroke deisel. In this paper, threedimensional parametric mapping software use dassault systemes sa, a subsidiary of solidworks under strong secondary development technology, combined with engine design now used widely in the counterweight model to explore the principles of optimal design of the crankshaft counterweight their method, derived crank weight. Dec 05, 2012 now lets get to the actual design of crankshaft. Rules for classification and construction vi additional rules.

Crankshaft pin and journal fillets are meshed with at least four equidistant layers through the depth in the radius. The crank stress change model and the crank stress biggest hazard point were found by using finite element analysis, and the improvement method for the crankshaft structure design was given. This is helpful because it helps in achieving higher rpms in an engine and makes the engine run smoothly. Mar 23, 1993 compared to the alternative crankshaft having the symmetric design, counterweight 43 increases in size by 8%, and its angle with the vertical axis defined by crank pins 21 and 24 increases by 3 degrees. The crankshaft listed as 49 in figure 23 had 6 counterweights according to reference 14. Note also in figure 1 that the front and rear counterweights are larger thicker than the others in order to fully counterbalance the endtoend. The counterweights are designed to offset the weight of the rod and pistons. A crankshaft is a rotating shaft which converts reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational. Counterweights are used on 6 cylinder continental and lycoming engines.

Determining how much mass to add or remove from the crank counterweights requires measuring all of the components in the rotating assembly individually on a highprecision scale. This comparison will then show whether or not the crankshaft concerned is dimensioned adequately. The first counterweight 62 is oriented so that a plane extending from a center of gravity of the first counterweight 62 to the crankshaft axis 30 is rotated a first rotation angle 72 that is between the range of 170. Mar 17, 2016 during the balancing process, bobweights are bolted to each rod journal to simulate the mass of a pair of pistons and rods. Even some of the 8 counterweight billet cranks on the market today have the counterweights clocked around improperly and we are getting reports of some of them having horrible problems taking. A typical example is counterweights on crankshafts in piston engines. Introduction crankshaft is a large component with a complex geometry in the engine, which converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston to a rotary motion with a four link mechanism. Stress analysis and optimization of crankshafts subject to dynamic. Im not sure of the configuration of the shaft numbered 43900 but it might have been an early 12 counterweight design without skewed counterweights since it is shown on the nonskewed curve. This provides longer case, rod, piston, cylinder and bearing life. Most v8 crankshaft designs have some sort of compromise between these two extremes. Ive never really been happy with the 5piece construction and im thinking of changing it to a 3piece crank where the crank cheeks counterweights are integral with the front and rear crankshaft sections. The crankshaft is manually meshed in order to have high mesh intensity in the fillet radii to obtain proper results and a coarse mesh in the webs, counterweights and flywheel to save elements in these zones. Crankshaft design, materials, loads and manufacturing, by.

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